Beyond Caring-The Yard Theatre

Four people, strangers, turn up to work the night shift in a meat factory, where they’re employed by a temp agency as cleaners on minimum wage, zero-hours contracts. They clean, drink cups of tea, read magazines, chat, and then go home to to another job, before doing it all over again until, one day, something stirs.

“By the end of director Alexander Zeldin’s quietly compelling production, I could barely breathe.”
Time Out Critics’ Choice

“Alexander Zeldin’s devised drama gives an unforgettable taste of life at the bottom of the employment pile. Compounded of lots of subtle, telling moments, unafraid to test our patience with real-time monotonous realism, it has a rare quality of gripping authenticity.”
The Telegraph-Best Plays of 2014

  • Role Set and Costume Designer/ Creative Associate
  • For The Yard Theatre/ ALEXANDER ZELDIN AND CO
  • Date July 2014