Natasha Jenkins

Designer/ Theatre maker


Workshop Designs and Sketches

Rosencrantz and Guildernstern are dead/ Hamlet.

Both plays happening simultaneously- Ros and Guil as a promenard through the backstage areas and front of house while Hamlet is on main stage.

Moments of each audience seeing the performers and themselves.

Ros and Guil on the rear stage looking at back of Hamlet as they are doing earlier scenes.

Transparent screen flown out to open the dialogue between the two scenes.
Hamlet- First scene at a gig-Ghost appears in the chill out room.
Music constant thought.
Mary Stewart

Setting for secret conversations- from a small corner of an apartment or large spacious palace, outside open space?
Important NO PRIVACY- Always Queen, makes the meeting in the park all the more extraordinary, but still that is manicured nature.
Private conversations feel they need walls to contain them- perhaps TAPESTRIES Which Pivot- (one side Fotheringay one side Westminster)- forming rooms within the open plan space.

Places built of massive exposed timbers- not gilded- shadow of scaffolding to come. These columns( and the palalces) are both the strength and the death of the women-Elizabeth holds a post at the end as Leicester leaves- she holds the structure which oppresses you.

Flooring feels important- is it stone?
Two tone- Two women, Checkerboards or all one tone.

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