Richard III

By William Shakespeare in a version by Frances Poet. Directed by Lou Kemp

★★★★ The Stage “Beautifully clear take on Shakespeare’s play that has obvious echoes in contemporary events”

★★★★The Scotsman Joyce McMillan
“There’s nothing very conventional about any aspect of Lu Kemp’s brilliantly fast-paced and theatrical production at Perth Theatre, from designer Natasha Jenkins’s striking mix of period and modern costumes, to the terrific, no-holds-barred range of voices that rips the play from its usual received-pronunciation comfort zone, and throws a sharp light on the strand of dark, bitter and brutal comedy that runs throughout.

★★★★ The Herald- Neil Cooper
As dignitaries… pick up the pieces and take stock, Richard employs a gang of shell-suited gangsters who are all too happy to doff their cap as they do Richard’s dirty work. Pulsed by the cracked foreboding of Stevie Jones’ brooding sound design, it’s telling how the scarlet drapes of Natasha Jenkins’ abstraction-peppered set keeps things increasingly out of view from Meg Fraser’s breathlessly explosive Elizabeth.

★★★★The Times
" a precise, polished production.”
Restraint extends to the rest of the production: the curtains that swish back and forth across Natasha Jenkins’s stark set may be bright red but we see no blood across the stage.

  • Role Set and Costume Design
  • For Horsecross Perth Theatre
  • Date March 2018