Clockwork Canaries

It is an ill-omened day when Tatiana Dressler pulls a drowning cat from the surging waters of the River Schwartz.

Tatiana’s father, a struggling inventor, has designs on the unfortunate feline, naming the cat Count Frederick Sebastian and setting to work on an ingenious contraption to humanise the creature.

“Luke Kernaghan directs with frantic flair on Natasha Jenkins’ neatly detailed set, and Michael Fowkes’ sophisticated puppets are handled dextrously by Richard Booth.” The Stage

“Natasha Jenkin’s complex Dressler home allows the play to hit the ground running – there’s a metal meat safe and a samovar, a typewriter and a telephone, and lots of books, family ephemera and (for good measure) a graveyard. All of which creates a weird atmosphere for our story.”★★★ WhatsOnStage

“The busy set appropriately takes inspiration from old-fashioned children’s reading books. Freestanding wooden wardrobes and chests hide secrets; suspicious soups bubble on top of greasy kitchen ranges, tombstones can be seen through the window; clues shut away in large trunks or ice boxes; lace curtains and heavy drapes date the room” Reviews Hub

  • Role Set and Costume Designer
  • For Theatre Royal Plymouth
  • Date March 2018